building an fpv compatible hex-copter with full stabilisation

You can follow me upgrading from my F450 Quad-copter to an F550 Hex-copter.



Hex F550 with motors, props and ESCs only








First task.  Attach the motors.








Started to attach the ESC's.  But ran out of solder before finishing.

I also need to order a XT60 battery connector and some JST connectors to power the Go-Pro Gimbal and FPV camera/Video TX.




Meanwhile, I have adapted some (spring-loaded) HobbyKing retracts by removing the wheels and adding a carbon spar.  Then sliding a piece of aluminium tubing over the top.





Soldering complete and the legs attached.








A wooden template made from 4mm ply (and varnished).  This adds an area at the front of the hex for a camera and for a video transmitter at the rear.





Underside.  Template bolted to hex frame along with retracts and gimbal attachment.







Top side.








Naza v1 (with v2 PMU & LED) installed.  9Ch Orange receiver.  XT60 power input and 2 spare "accessory" cables for gimbal and FPV (camera and VTx).




Disaster!  The Naza unit is faulty.  It will not recognise the GPS when connected to the PC Naza Assistant.  Changing the V2 PMU and even using another GPS fail to solve the problem.  (Also, the GPS unit works in my F450 Quad).


The supplier has agreed to swap the unit...


In the meantime, I have raided the Control Unit from my F450 and with a now functioning GPS, set the failsafe parameters using the Naza software.  Time to test...


More problems...  Powering up the Hex for the first time unconnected to the PC, there is no output from the V2 LED.  After a quick "Googling", it turns out that the very early Mk1 V1 Controllers are not capable of supplying power to the v2 LED unit.  [Read here].


Without wishing to open-up or solder any wires to the controller or LED, I have spliced a servo wire into the LED cable and run it into the spare Channel 9 on my receiver...












All systems go!



The new F550 Hex in fully working order.

It flies too!






November 2014:

I have decided to go black!

The red/white arems have been switched for black ones and at the same time, I have painted the wooden base plate.


In addition, the GoPro gimbal has been brought forward (to give an unobstructed forward view and the battery is slung underneath.









I am currently awaiting a cable that will allow me to power the GoPro in flight (to keep it charged) and another Mobius camera mount that will be used as the main FPV flying camera.